Greetings & Update from A4A in this Special Month of April!

Greetings & Update from A4A in this Special Month of April!


1.  A4A Flier
2. LFAU Letter
3. 19.09 Acres of New Lands Purchased – Thanks to your Solidarity!
4. The Work of the Auroville Land Board – Part 1
5. Renu – an Auroville Pioneer since the start!
6. A Big Thank You from Art for Land 2021 & other Solidarity News
7. Donor creativity – the Savitri Online Encyclopedia
8. Inspiration from Sri Aurobindo & The Mother

Dear friends of Auroville’s bright and unified future,
While India and many parts of the world are still grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are happy to report that the situation in Auroville is relatively calm and in control, thanks to precautionary measures and regular guidance from the Working Committee and other related groups. (We have quoted two relevant  quotations of the Mother at the end of this newsletter.)

Our A4A (Acres for Auroville) campaign and the work of the Land Board are continuing at a steady pace thanks to so many of you, our valued friends and collaborators. You will be glad to learn that despite difficult times in the world, 30.84 acres of new land were bought between March 2020 and February 2021!

This is our 28th Quarterly Update & Goodwill Activation Point since the initiation of the A4A campaign on 15th August 2014. We feel grateful to all our friends and donors who with their contributions and moral support keep the fire of enthusiasm and progress burning.

An Important announcement:  Please be informed that for all contributions from abroad the Government of India has just instituted a change in the banking account for donating from abroad to Auroville. Please click here for the new details. You can make bank transfers and send checks now, but for online donations, the Auroville Donation Gateway aligned to this new set-up will be operational only in one week. For donations from within India, there is no change and you can make online donations now.

April is a special month as the creation of Auroville has its roots in two significant events – the arrival of Sri Aurobindo to Pondicherry in 1910, and the definitive arrival of The Mother in 1920 to work by his side. Our A4A Flier and LFAU Letter are dedicated to these evolutionary events.

To be a “voluntary optimist” is certainly one of the founding principles of life in Auroville. The Mother used this phrase in one of her diary entries dated 23th March 1914 – that is,  six days before her first meeting with Sri Aurobindo. Our flier presents this phrase in the larger context of the beautiful spiritual aspiration she expressed in her diary.

This photo was taken in Japan just before the Mother arrived in Pondicherry for good on 24th April 1920, 101 years ago. Please click here for the PDF version of the flier, here for the webpage, here for  the French version and here for  the Tamil version.

2. LFAU Letter 
From a certain perspective, we, humanity as a whole, constitute a crew within a “Spaceship Earth” that’s flying to a distant goal. What goal could that be? 111 years ago, in 1910, an exceptional “crew member” – a man of destiny – came to an unknown corner called Pondicherry of Spaceship Earth. His name was Sri Aurobindo and he came under what he once termed as “sailing orders” (Ref. CWSA, Vol.36, p.90). Over the next four decades, he explored and explained the secrets and keys that throw light on the journey’s goal. Our LFAU letter focuses on this perspective. Please click here for the PDF version of the letter in English, here for the webpage, here for the French version, and here for the Tamil version.
3. 19.09 acres of new lands purchased – Thanks To your Solidarity!
Since our last announcement in February 2021, Auroville has added 19.09 new consolidating acres in five Greenbelt areas, all funded by your donations! We thank all you donors who made these purchases possible and congratulate the Land Board for these achievements. Our sincere appreciation also goes to the landowners whose goodwill made these purchases happen in such a harmonious spirit. May this progression continue for the City of Dawn to develop in all its manifold dimensions. Here’s the Link for information about this good news!
4. The Work of the Auroville Land Board – Part 1
Few people realize the enormity of the work of the Auroville Land Board. A small team of Aurovilians has the mandate for leading, organizing, and managing all of Auroville’s land protection and land purchase actions, supported by several teams – Resources, Field Work, Legal, Document Verification, Surveying, Mapping, and Secretarial teams. In recognition of this immense responsibility, we are dedicating a series of articles to their work. In this first instalment, we focus on what the Land Board’s mandate involves, as well as the considerable achievements made in the past 3 years. Please click here for the comprehensive article.
5. Renu – an Auroville Pioneer since the start!  
Renu was one of the first Auroville children, and was present for the 1968 Inauguration and for the consecration of the Matrimandir. With her parents and her two children, they now make three Auroville generations. Today, as an energetic member of the Land Board, she continues to work building Auroville, holding it as close as possible to the exciting vision she grew up with. Find out about her story and what motivates her in this interview by Joel.
 6. A Big Thank You from Art for Land 2021 & other solidarity news
Here’s a happy summary by Jaya of the Unity Pavilion of the very beautiful and professional exhibition of Art for Land 2021 with its rich program of land fundraising activities. A video clip of one of the events she describes can be found at the end of the article. Acres for Auroville joins Jaya in sincerely thanking all who gave their time and creativity so generously! The funds raised from the art sales and the donations at the events go for purchase of Auroville’s missing lands via the A4A campaign.We remind our friends that three greatly-appreciated books have been created by friends for which the proceeds go to Acres for Auroville: “Auroville 80” – the bi-lingual photo testimonial by Nadia Loury of AVI France and by Vikas Vickers of AVI UK, “50 Poems from Auroville” and “50 More Poems from Auroville”  Both are available at the Auroville Online Store
7. Donor creativity – the Savitri Online Encyclopedia
It is always a pleasure to meet the donors to A4A. During his visit to Auroville, Gopal Ahir from Vadodara, India came to our office and, in the course our conversation, we found out about his remarkable creativity after retirement: the Savitri Online Encyclopedia. Please read more about it here.
8. Inspiration from Sri Aurobindo & The Mother
Here’s a new choice of seven inspiring quotes from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother as beautifully presented by MirraBliss, and with our gratitude for their sharing ( This selection focuses on encouragement and guidance for walking the spiritual path. We include these other relevant quotes from The Mother, words that we can apply not just for 24th April but also everyday:
Question: Sweet Mother, How should I prepare myself for the April 24th Darshan?
Answer: Look attentively into yourself to find out what for you is the most important thing, the thing you feel that you couldn’t do without.
It is an interesting discovery. (Ref. CWTM, V.16, p.334)
Two relevant quotes from the Mother in the context of the current situation:
When one of her close assistants got a flu, the Mother wrote to him:
“I hear you have the flu? That won’t do.
You must REST but a rest OF CONCENTRATED FORCE, not of diluted non-resistance to the adverse forces. A rest that is a POWER, not the rest of weakness. Cheer up, my child, shake off the bad influence. With my love and blessings.” 7 January 1963
Two, a quote on “Cure of illness by Grace”
“The Grace is always there ready to act but you must let it work and not resist its action. The one condition required is faith. When you feel attacked, call for help to Sri Aurobindo and myself. If your call is sincere (that is to say, if you sincerely want to be cured) your call will be answered and the Grace will cure you.” – The Mother
There are many ways to make your donation. Please click here to know the details. And when you donate, kindly send us a mail at  or write a letter or call us (see contacts below), informing us of your donation so we can better track and immediately respond to your solidarity!
In the 7th year of  the A4A campaign, we thank all the many friends
who are bringing their encouragement  and solidarity
for the City of Dawn, creating a dynamic space
for the ideal of human unity to flourish and grow – a hope for us all !

Thank you for joining your hands of collaboration!

In solidarity and trust in Auroville’s bright future,

Aryadeep and Mandakini
For the Acres for Auroville team

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