‘Lands for Auroville Unified’ Letter – November 24, 2017

Lands for Auroville Unified

Auroville Centre for Urban Research, Administrative Area,
Auroville – 605 101, Tamil Nadu, India


24th November 2017 – “Acres for Auroville” Goodwill Activation Point

“Solvitur ambulando”

“In the mass of things and the long course of Time, whatever may be the appearances of this or that epoch or moment, the growth of Light is there and the struggle towards better things does not cease.”
Sri Aurobindo, Collected Works Vol.29, p.178

50 years ago, Auroville was a dried and degraded plateau. There was a scarcity of human, technical and financial resources. But early settlers remained true to the Latin motto solvitur ambulando which says that problems are solved by trying, by practical experiments – and as a result, today we see a healthy, multi-pronged international community striving for a sunlit vision of the future. The story of Auroville can be understood from a broader perspective as 5 decades of solvitur ambulando for “the growth of light” and “the struggle towards better things”.

Since its inception, this growth story has been recorded in diaries, newsletters, magazines, films, research papers and books. About one dozen periodicals are published either from within Auroville or by Auroville International centres. About a year ago, an Auroville-grown youth wrote “Auroville – a Practical Experiment in Utopian Society” as her Bachelor’s degree thesis while studying at the University of California. Just this last quarter, two books have been published: a richly illustrated “The Inauguration of Auroville” published by PRISMA, and “Auroville – a City for the Future” written by Aurovilian Anu Majumdar and published by Harper Collins.

The cumulative impact of all this documentation is that those who are really looking for growth of light and better things in the world, for a new vision for humanity, for new horizons for life on earth, will find intellectual support and inspiration.  Some may go a step further and join the journey of Auroville. Others may bring vital support from afar, like the many hundreds of individuals who have chosen to contribute to Acres for Auroville, thus enabling Auroville’s Land Board to secure almost 30 acres with A4A funds in the last 3 years. To celebrate the City of Dawn’s upcoming 50th birthday, join us in offering the gift of more of the township’s designated but still-missing land – so that Auroville may manifest fully and integrally!

In solidarity for the City of Dawn and with the firm belief in her bright future,

Please specify “ACRES FOR AUROVILLE” (all Master Plan priority plots) or GreenAcres (exclusively Greenbelt plots) for all donations via Auroville Unity Fund (checks or bank transfers), Auroville Donation Gateway (credit or debit cards) www.auroville.com/donations/, Auroville International www.auroville-international.org. For tax deductibility: land.auroville.org

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